2016 China's overall cabinet top ten rankings

Because the competition in the current cabinet market is too fierce, the top ten rankings of the whole cabinets have been fluctuating. Let me introduce you to the top ten rankings of the latest Chinese cabinets in 2016. I hope you can buy cabinets for reference.

The blue cabinet of the top ten rankings of the whole cabinet

Lv·sung Intelligent kitchen, using the Blue Valley Smart Kitchen Center independently developed by the German Blue Valley Laboratory (lο·sung la·bor), creatively multimedia, MP3, digital TV, radio broadcasting Full-range stereo entertainment enjoy system, cooking mode soot parameter setting, cooking timing alarm, lighting split centralized control energy management system, multi-function human-machine interface operating system, dynamic display through CPU digital programming and full Chinese large-screen menu, Realizing intelligent control of kitchen electric power and detonating the revolution of “entertainment new kitchen” industry. In the new year of 2015, Blue Valley Intelligence has realized and promoted the core value of technology and life, and became the most popular whole cabinet brand in China. Ranked first in the top ten cabinets.

The top ten rankings of the overall cabinet

Ou Pai cabinet is the first company to introduce the European kitchen concept into China. It is the leading brand of the whole cabinet. It has a very high status and great influence in the industry. It has become the representative of the first-class cabinets, no matter design or quality. Be picky and create a stylish kitchen space for the user.

I am happy with the top ten rankings of the whole cabinet

I have been building the cabinet brand in just six or seven years, and I have already leapt to the top ten cabinets in the country. In such a short period of time, I have achieved such brilliant achievements. This has proved the excellence of my music cabinet, with its excellent quality and Intimate service has won the favor of many consumers. Nowadays, my music cabinets are still growing and growing, and the strength cannot be underestimated.

The top ten cabinets in the overall cabinet

Zhibang cabinet is a famous cabinet enterprise in China. It integrates R&D, production and sales into one. It introduces German Haomai professional production equipment, and the overall design of the cabinet. The color of the cabinet is very fine, and the quality is strictly controlled. There will be no inferior products affecting the brand image.

The top ten gold medals in the overall cabinet

Gold cabinets have a history of about 20 years. After so many years of development, they have gained a high reputation and good reputation in the country. They have become the brand of cabinets recognized by the public. Their products are of various styles and quality. And a perfect after-sales service system is a good choice for purchase.

Han Li, the top ten overall cabinet

As a large cabinet brand that the market welcomes, Hanli has won numerous awards and is a very special brand in the cabinet industry. Hanli cabinets are the top ten brands of cabinets - whole cabinets, green brands, and well-known brands in the industry. It has also been rated as China's environmental label certification product, one of the most competitive enterprises in China's cabinet industry, and is a large-scale professional cabinet manufacturer in the cabinet industry today, which is well-known.

Cobo. Bolognese in the top ten overall cabinets

In 1992, Kebao Company was established. In 1999, Kebao Company began to enter the cabinet industry, and launched the market with strong design Italian style kitchen cabinets. It quickly became a model of the industry and eventually became a lifestyle brand and became an industry brand. The highest brand positioning. At the same time, it is predicted that the competition of single kitchen cabinet products will intensify. Cobo Boloni's international and domestic R&D teams have carried out in-depth research and a large amount of technical reserves for the entire product field of the whole home.

The top ten cabinets of the whole cabinet

Vantage cabinets belong to the first-line brand in China, positioning high-end, the product price will be relatively high. However, at the same time of high price, Vantage also guarantees its design and quality, and will definitely satisfy you as a consumer. Vantage's cabinet products mainly include four series: Easy Cabinet, Shijia, Tianjiao and Youshang.

The top ten cabinets of the whole cabinet

Founded in 2003, Dongfang Bangtai Cabinet Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient capital of the Six Dynasties - Nanjing. It is a famous cabinet manufacturing base in China; it is a professional cabinet enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service. “Oriental” represents the national positioning of the brand, and “Bang Tai” represents our national etiquette. What we have to do is the whole cabinet with Chinese characteristics and embodying the national style.

The top ten rankings of the whole cabinet

The brand of Jiajule whole cabinets is unquestionable in China. In the slowdown of the products, many production technologies of the whole cabinets have been introduced, and the production team with relatively high quality has been trusted. The quality of the products is still trustworthy, plus the brand is in China. The reputation of the well-known products is still relatively good, and it is not the best product in the industry.

In addition to the top ten rankings of the whole cabinets mentioned above, there are hundreds of cabinets, Jiajule cabinets, Haier cabinets, etc., which are often listed in the top ten rankings of China's overall cabinets. These brands are well-known brands that are recognized by the public. The aspect is relatively more secure, and the purchase of its products is also more assured.

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