Add pins to YPS1A1 offset press plate screws

The YPSlAl offset printing press purchased by our factory (manufactured by Harbin Printing Machinery Plant) suddenly lost one clamping plate screw in one normal printing and fell into the lower set of ink rollers, causing multiple ink roller damage.

This is due to the looseness of the plate screws and the operator's negligence. How to prevent such failures? We refer to the plate screws of the J4103 (Hunan) machine and also put the pin on the tail of the screw. Remove the plate clamp from the plate cylinder, remove the plate screw, drill a small hole in the tail, put on the pin, and reinstall the plate clamp.

Although it takes some time to do so, it can prevent the platen screws from falling off and minimize accidents. It is recommended that printer manufacturers or printers who do not retrofit pins on the plate screws be tested.

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