Application of airless sprayer and spray attachment in the barrel industry (2)

Application of airless sprayer and spray attachment in the barrel industry (2)

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2, the choice of automatic spray gun

(1) Features of automatic spray gun

The automatic spray gun is a paint switch, which is required in the spray barrel industry: the switch is quick, the failure rate is small, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the wearing parts are replaced. Our factory provides an automatic spray gun: ZPQ9.

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Automatic spray gun ZPQ9 Features:

——ZPQ9 airless spray gun is the latest product developed by our factory. It is fully enclosed and has anodized surface on the surface of the gun body.

——The needle adopts a new structure, which completely solves the problem of needle breakage;

——The minimum intake pressure is 0.3Mpa, and the maximum working pressure can reach 39Mpa;

—— Wide range of spray coatings, capable of spraying all conventional coatings, and adapting to all long-lasting coatings;

——ZPQ9 nozzle nozzle interface M18x1.5, ZPQ9A can be connected to foreign nozzles;

(2) nozzle introduction

An airless nozzle is a nozzle that atomizes the material without the aid of air. The difference between it and the air nozzle is:

——The airless spray has a flat fan shape and the air spray is round;

——The airless spray coating has no air, which reduces the probability of defects on the surface of the workpiece.

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Flat fan atomization pattern

Performance parameters of airless nozzles: There are two parameters that characterize the performance of airless nozzles: flow and width. Flow rate refers to the volume of liquid discharged per unit time of the nozzle port under the rated pressure and medium. Width refers to the width of the cover formed from the nozzle opening to the painted surface at rated pressure and medium.

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Width diagram

Performance factors affecting airless nozzles: There are many performance factors affecting airless nozzles, there are three main factors: pressure, viscosity of the liquid being sprayed, and temperature. The table below gives the effect of each factor on nozzle performance.



Hole wear

Spray speed

Atomization quality

Increased pressure






Increased viscosity






Increase in temperature






The factor that affects the most flow is pressure. If other factors are ignored, the relationship between flow and pressure can be expressed by the following formula:

For example: 16C25 is the flow rate of test water at a pressure of 10Mpa is 1.6L/min, then the flow rate under the pressure of 25Mpa should be:

That is, the 16C25 nozzle has a test water flow rate of 2.5 L/min under a pressure of 25 MPa.

(3) Requirements and characteristics of steel drum coating nozzle

——The atomization quality is good and the film thickness is uniform;

——The color separation should be clear;

——The barrel cover is different because the line speed of the center of the circle and the surrounding points is different, so it is especially important to coat the film thickness evenly;

Proper selection of nozzles is an effective way to reduce paint consumption.

The nozzle selection of our factory nozzle in typical case: C type -- 06C25: 2 pieces; 08C30: 1 piece; 08C40: 2 pieces; T type - -06T25: 2 pieces; Q type - -02Q15: 1 piece.

(4) Introduction to common nozzles for steel drum coating

——C-type nozzle is better atomized, even and delicate. After spraying, the coating film is smooth and beautiful. Therefore, it should be applied to the occasions where the coating film has high requirements. It can also be used in architectural latex paint and high viscosity difficult-to-spray coating. Spraying.

Description: 33
C-type nozzle spray shape

——T-type nozzle is a kind of nozzle dedicated to spraying the lid.

Description: 5555
T-nozzle spray shape

——The Q-type nozzle is a kind of nozzle for cutting the barrel. It is characterized by a very straight line on one side of the sprayed boundary for use between two colors. Such nozzles generally have a narrow width.

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Q nozzle spray shape

Nozzle installation: Our nozzles are available in two mounting styles, fixed (ie standard spray) and column rotary (ZHP). Column-type rotary (ZHP) is recommended for quick disassembly and blockage when the nozzle is blocked.

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