Application of screen printing in combination printing

Screen printing is a relatively old printing method. With the continuous development of printing technology, digital prepress technology, digital computer plate making, and electronic imaging technology have been widely used in screen printing. The screen printing machine has also entered the field of precision printing, and its structure is developing towards high precision and automation. Due to its own unique advantages, screen printing has played an important role in many fields, especially in electronics, textile industry, large-scale advertising and other printing advantages, is unmatched by other printing methods. In addition, due to the extensiveness of screen printing printing materials and the research and development of printing machinery, inks and other consumables, plus the advantages of combining with other printing can overcome some of its own shortcomings, making the screen printing market more extensive.

1. Combination of screen printing and offset printing

Offset printing occupies an important position in traditional printing technology. Combining offset printing and screen printing to take advantage of the two printing methods is the first choice of many packaging companies, especially high-end packaging and decoration companies. Most of the design of high-end packaging and decoration prints are large-area spot colors with rich color levels and high print quality requirements. Make full use of the thick and uniform strength of the screen printing ink layer to print large areas of solid color patches and other surface decoration effects, and use offset printing to print four-color and complex line parts. Through the combination of offset printing and screen printing to meet the printing requirements of high-end packaging and decoration prints.

For example, the packaging and printing of high-end high-quality cigarettes, medicines and other products can be screen-printed, using a combination of offset printing and screen printing. Part of the field printing relies on screen printing, and part of it is printed twice with an offset printing machine; while pearlescent ink and spot color ink are mainly printed by screen printing process. At the same time, special effects such as frosting, ice flower, crystal and so on are also realized by screen printing. Use screen printing machine for large-area field printing and pearlescent printing, the purpose is to obtain the thick ink color required for high-quality cigarette packs, and to ensure that the ink color is uniform and consistent. In addition to some professional screen printing companies, many domestic packaging and printing plants with offset printing machines are also equipped with screen printing equipment. There is no doubt that the combination of offset printing and screen printing can create a high added value for the product.

2. Combination of screen printing and flexo printing

At present, the high-precision rotary screen printing unit cooperates with the flexographic printing machine to print, using screen printing to have excellent hiding power and other characteristics, and then using the advantages of flexo printing speed and high resolution to achieve the advantages of both Complementary. Used for exquisite packaging and decoration printing, such as printing with gold, silver metal effect or embossing, matte and other special effects; with the use of optical and temperature change screen printing inks, it can also increase the security function of valuable tickets and high-end trademarks; This printing method can also print prompt signs for specific groups (such as blind people) and so on.

Both screen printing companies and ink manufacturers are aware of the many advantages of rotary screen printing and their ability to process wires in flexographic printing. They have increased their research on this technology. Now, the combined technology of screen printing and flexo printing Has reached a fairly high level. Especially in UV ink printing, the quality and stability of UV ink are quite good, easy to use, due to the characteristics of UV ink instant curing, many problems related to ink drying are solved, plus the opening of modern flexographic printing machines The style design also makes it easy to embed the rotary screen printing unit into the production process, and promotes the market's increased demand for screen and flexo printing processes. As another development direction, electron beam (EB) curing ink has potential advantages. EB ink not only has the advantages of UV technology, but also has a high hiding power. The cost of equipment that uses EB ink curing in combination printing today is too expensive. Once this technology is used, the cost can be reduced. EB curing ink will become the next leap forward. It will greatly improve the hiding power of the ink layer. And the speed of the printing machine, adapt to the requirements of good and fast processing.

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