Beverage bottle with brightly colored twisted bottle cap

Old Orchard created an eye-catching, novel design for its new product, the VeryCherreTM Montmorency sour cherry juice drink bottle, using a brightly coloured twisted bottle cap that is owned by Crown Holdings’ business unit, the United States. Crown cap company provided. The fruit juice drink bottle was designed by Saint-Gobain Company and its size is 11 ounces, and its appearance design is very eye-catching.

Although the round beverage bottle design adds a noble temperament to the brand's appearance, it also limits the amount of information that can be conveyed to consumers to some extent. With the efforts of Crown Corp., this bright-colored bottle cap was built into an influential brand promotion platform. A two-color printing process is applied around the bottle caps, and the main benefits of Very Cherre products, such as "rich antioxidants" and "excellent value for money", are printed on the caps to make them clear to consumers. This drink bottle is sold in major food stores in the United States.

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