Breast inspection and palpation model

Breast inspection and palpation model

Product main function:

â–  Contains the typical signs of various common breast tumors, and is specially designed for the clinical diagnosis and self-examination of female breasts.
â–  Made of imported plastic materials with soft texture and authentic touch.
â–  Different partitions of the model provide different simulation characteristics, which can fully meet the needs of teaching.
â–  The model provides the following lesions.
· Nodules: hard texture, non-smooth surface, can be regarded as malignant tumors · Relatively soft texture, smooth surface, can be regarded as benign tumors · Lymphatic metastasis: hard nodules that can be touched in the armpits and neck Nipple depression; nipple rupture and bloody fluid spillage · Skin changes: skin depression, orange peel-like appearance; inflammatory breast cancer

Other accessories configuration:

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