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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] I believe that many people’s memories always have high thresholds, grandma’s mahogany boxes, grandpa’s bamboo and rattan chairs, mother’s frosted mirrors, etc. These are deeply printed in our minds, and this is also The best testimony of Chinese families to memories, the four whole wardrobes we want to recommend today are also Chinese-style, which will definitely awaken your childhood memories.

Federal Gordon Apple Wood Venetian Door Wardrobe

Children's wardrobe

The crimson apple wood shutters are like the autumn leaves, and the screens of ancient times. The same color frame and environmentally friendly veneer, warm and overflowing.

Sophia burgundy annual red oak

Solid wood wardrobe

Exquisite oak textures show excellent quality, and natural wood color returns you to the most natural memories. There is also a convenient trick design that makes people feel like family-like.

Hao Laike antique carved sandalwood impression series rosewood wardrobe

Chinese wardrobe

The natural and precious red sandalwood and the three-dimensional texture beyond the natural logs contain the mysterious power of nature, highlighting the simple and agile temperament, and integrating the atmosphere to make you full of energy every day.

Top solid red cherry swing door

Children's wardrobe

Chinese red may be less of a fanatic, but a symbol of nobility. The classical dark pattern countertop gives you the most traditional gorgeous style; the elaborate cabinet design gives you the most modern function enjoyment.

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