Eight storage items are recommended to make the wardrobe more space for clothes.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Women think about how to match clothes every day, and scarves, headbands, necklaces, cosmetics, these small pieces of small pieces are always very local and easy to be confused, for the girl who loves beauty, bothering her not just a small piece of clothing closet overall, he is always a lack of closet space to store a longer piece of clothing. Today, Xiaobian recommended eight small items for those who love beauty, so that they can have more space for clothes in their wardrobes! Come and have a look!

Recommended one: multi-functional hangers.

Wardrobe shopping guide

Recommended reason: can separate the scarf and the hanging ornaments, not only save time, but also avoid entanglement.

Recommendation 2: Decorative napkin holder.

Wardrobe storage

Recommended reason: The decorative napkin rack is creatively used as a wallet shelf, with delicate leather trays and jewelry racks to keep the pieces of personal belongings in a safe place.

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