Explore the elements that affect the transfer of ink on anilox roller (3)

Cavern depth

According to information, the depth of the cyberspace is generally 23% to 33% of the opening width, ideally 28%, but this parameter is worth discussing. For example, a 1000 line/inch ceramic anilox roller has a cell depth of less than 0.01 millimeters, almost level with the top of the wall, and very low ink transfer. The author believes that this parameter is applicable to metal anilox rollers, because no matter whether it is the mechanical engraving method using electronic engraving or hob, because the cutting knife and the hob need to escape from the net, the depth of the net hole will not exceed 1/2 of the opening width. , The net volume will not be too large.

The ceramic anilox roller is processed by laser beam without the need of tool disengagement, so the processing depth can be appropriately improved. For example, the same net point can be formed by using two or more times of laser beam ablation to form an ideal depth. At present, there is no uniform standard for the depth of cyberspace. In the future, it is necessary to strengthen the work in this area.

However, the depth of the cell site cannot be arbitrary as a result of advanced processing technology. Because the anilox roller works in a high-speed rotation state, the contact time with the printing plate is extremely short, and the ink in the cell site cannot be completely released. In addition, according to the principle of velocity gradient of fluid mechanics, the velocity of the liquid near the cell wall is 0, that is, it does not move, so the general ink release volume is 2/3 to 4/5 of the cell volume.

The depth of the cell depth is largely restricted by the number of anilox roller lines, and the ratio of the opening to the depth can be calculated based on the number of lines, the ratio of openings to the wall thickness, and the ratio of opening to depth.

For example, the number of anilox rollers is 1000 lines/inch, and the ratio of openings to web walls is 7:1. The ratio of opening to depth is 1:1, then: the depth of the cell is T=25.4/1000×7/8×1=0.022 (millimeter).

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