Eye cream new massage + formula treatment

As the thinnest part of human skin, the eye area is also the first part of the aging mark. Due to the increase in the time spent by modern people and the frequency of use of mobile phones, fine lines, edema and dark circles may appear even before the age of 25.
This season's new eye cream , for the three most common troubles in the eye , in addition to emphasizing the effect of massage on eye care , also gives their solutions from the composition, formula and technology.
Conquer the three major problems of the eye

Eye cream new product massage + formula treatment

Skincare expert Kay said that when people are 28 years old, the aging speed of the skin begins to accelerate. The aging rate of the skin can be divided into four stages, and its obvious characteristics are different. The first stage: mild aging at 28-35 years, fine lines appear; the second stage: moderate aging at 35-50 years, dynamic wrinkles appear; The third stage: severe aging of 50-60 years old, static wrinkles appear; the fourth stage: severe aging of 60-75 years old, obvious wrinkles, rough skin, sagging.
The mild aging is often accompanied by the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and edema in the eyes, mainly because the body's metabolism slows down, plus various stresses, eating habits, reversed lifestyles, etc. It makes the old age appear in advance.
Question 1
Dark circles: Most of the temporary dark circles that appear early are due to physical or emotional fatigue. Long-term dark circles are mostly aging. The main cause of dark circles is microcirculation stagnation. Once the skin microcirculation is stagnant, the melanin in the blood adheres to the surface of the dermis. These pigments are clearly visible on the outside because the lower eyelids are very thin. In addition, unhealthy lifestyles such as long-term fatigue, stress, drinking, smoking, and incomplete removal of eye makeup are also the causes of dark circles.
The solution: in addition to the choice of eye cream with whitening ingredients, proper massage can also promote the microcirculation of the eye. In addition, it is also important to develop good habits. Do not stay up all night to ensure adequate sleep. People with cosmetic habits recommend using professional eye relief to avoid pigment accumulation in the eyes.
Question 2
Fine lines: The thickness of the eye skin is only one-third of the other parts of the face, and the secretion of sebum is lacking. In addition, the movement of the eye muscles is frequent, so it is particularly easy to produce small fine lines due to lack of water.
The solution: the most important thing is moisturizing. In addition to hydrating, the eye cream used should also be supplemented with a lipid component to lock the water.

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