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Printing ink transfer is an important part of the printing process. Purely relying on people's experience will bring a lot of uncertainty. For example, printing ink transfer time is too long, paper is wasted, ink is wasted, and the stability of printing quality is also affected. The printer's workload and difficulty. If you can get ink distribution information in the prepress process, it is good news for the printer division. Although the reading machine can solve this problem, the investment is too large, and due to an increase in the reading process, problems such as decreased efficiency and complicated management are caused.
The ink source control software launched by Founder is able to generate ink distribution information after RIP, making printing and ink transfer easy and fast. The application of Founder India source can stably print the color quality, shorten the on-time transfer time of printing and reduce the loss of ink and paper, so as to achieve stable quality, improve the efficiency, and reduce the cost of the target users:
The main features of commercial printers and newspaper printers:
Good versatility, support for a variety of printing machines?br>Support IP4 international standard prepress and printing interface formats, to achieve prepress to print automation.
For printers without a CIP4 interface, Ingenics can also combine the ink control characteristics of the printer itself to generate printing ink control data.
Seamless integration with Founder Century RIP and smooth flow eliminates the last “digital blind spot” before printing and establishes a digital management bridge for prepress and printing.

The advantages of Founder India and traditional manual ink transfer methods:
It is not necessary to estimate the ink volume of the printing plate with naked eyes, the quality is stable, and the standardized management of personnel and quality can be realized.
Reducing the on-time ink transfer time for printing, the ink adjustment can be paralleled with film and plate making, and the efficiency can be improved.
Reduce the loss of printing ink and paper and save costs.

The advantages of Founder India source and reading machine approach:
Print source is universal and supports various printers. A plate reader can generally only be used for one type of printer.
India source and Founder century RIP, seamless flow, high efficiency and convenience. The reading machine added an extra reading process, and the reading plate must be made after the plate making, so that ink adjustment, filming, and plate making cannot be paralleled, and the efficiency cannot be further improved. The reading version needs to be carried out before the curved version, and the printing plate needs to be moved in and out, which is not convenient for the process arrangement and management.
India source is a software product with almost no hardware cost, and the price is much cheaper than the reader.

Measurements (m) : can be customized
Certificate : CE,ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001 Certificate, and GS certificate from TUV Company of Germany.
Color : Be customized
Materials :
a.Jumping Mat: Imported from United States
b.Foam Pad:EPE, waterproof closed-cell foam, mildew protection, uneasy to lose shape
c.Pad:PVC(500D,500D) fabric
d.Springs:Galvanized steel with good elastic performance
(Different material is available according to your needs)
Advantage :
d.Environmental protection
e.Uneasy to lose shape
Function :
1.Can protect children safe when they playing indoor, and let they enjoy the play freely
2.Suitable for improving Children energy and imagination
3.Helping them grow up happily, cleverly, and healthily
Installation : Professional CAD instruction, assembly procedure and project case.
Age Range : Children and adults
Packing Volume : 26 CBM
Apply to : Amusement park, gymnasium, Kindergarten, Preschool, etc.
Packing : Standard export packing
Warranty Period : 2 years on mats
Remark : We can design and produce as your requirements

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