High and low temperature test chamber wet ball gauze installation and use requirements

When the high and low temperature test chamber is used for the humidity test, the operator usually puts the wet ball gauze into the wrong condition, which will cause the humidity to be 100%. This may be because the gauze used is not in compliance with the regulations, and not any gauze can be used instead of the high and low temperature test chamber. Wet ball gauze. The test box wet ball gauze has certain requirements, the specific requirements are as follows:

1. The high-low temperature test chamber wet ball gauze has a clear regulation: the length of the gauze is 100mm, tightly wound on the humidity sensor probe, the probe is 25-30mm away from the humidity cup, and the gauze is immersed in the water cup, so as to ensure the correct humidity. Sex

2, the relevant regulations, wet ball gauze must be linen special woven "wet ball gauze", otherwise it is difficult to ensure the correctness of the wet ball thermometer reading, that is, the correctness of humidity;

3. The relative humidity reading of the test chamber is based on the difference between temperature and humidity, and is strictly related to atmospheric pressure and wind speed. The wet bulb temperature indication is related to the amount of water inhaled by the gauze and the surface evaporation, which are directly related to the quality of the gauze.

Gauze is only one of the small parts of the high and low temperature test chamber. Its frequent replacement is equivalent to the maintenance of the equipment. The replacement of a small gauze is so important, which reminds us to pay attention to the careful maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. .

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Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer:

Testing Technician's Duties
1. The test technique of [Quantum BIO-Electric System] is very accurate, so the testing technician must learn with effort and an open mind, actively
accumulate experience and continuously improve the test technique.
2. During work, the testing technician should be in peace of mind and be kind, treat the tested person compassionately, earnestly and correctly operate and
accurately select the point.
3. Before testing, the testing technician should measure the tested person`s stature, weight, blood pressure and pulse and record the relevant items.
4. The testing technician should be responsible for cleaning, maintaining and storing the tester and the relevant equipment of Quantum BIO-Electric System.

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