How do you know the correct steps of makeup?

How much do you know about the makeup steps ? Every step is indispensable for a good make-up .
First, cleansing and moisturizing After cleansing the skin, take a lotion to shrink pores and moisturize the skin. Apply a moisturizer that acts as a protective film on the skin's surface, separating the skin from the makeup, protecting the skin and making the makeup easy to remove.
Second, the foundation is applied to the mirror to observe the Asian face is generally uneven skin, nose, mouth three weeks position is dim, there are many spots and sputum, to create a perfect makeup can only rely on foundation.
Foundation: It has opacity, can cover the skin's flaws, adjust skin tone, improve skin texture, make the skin look smooth and delicate, and enhance the three-dimensional effect of the face through the depth of the foundation.
Foundation category: wet powder, wet and dry powder and liquid foundation. Choose according to different skin, age and occasion.
How to use: The foundation is applied in the order from top to bottom and from large to small.
Third, set makeup:
After applying the foundation, use the powder to fix the makeup to make the makeup surface firmer. It can also adjust the brightness of the skin, absorb the sweat and oil on the skin surface, make the skin smooth and reduce the greasy feeling of the skin.
Dry skin is best to use a brush to dry the powder on the face, the edge of the nose, the corner of the mouth with a puff; oily skin is best to use a puff to wipe evenly, to be divided into two or three times, will not cause powder on the face Stack up and stay longer. Finally, sweep away the excess floating powder.
Fourth, the eye 1, pay attention to observe the different structures of the eye, master a certain knowledge of the eye structure.
2, get the corresponding color knowledge, exercise your own color matching feeling.
3, exercise your own accurate expression of the makeup surface, to be gradual, not only to pursue exaggerated visual effects.
4. Exercise the strength and endurance of the wrist.
5, exercise to ensure the cleansing ability of the makeup surface, each time after the pen is written to observe whether there is dust falling, timely take appropriate measures to remedy.
6, Linyi famous teacher works.

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