Jess Rui simple children's wardrobe stereo basketball overflowing childlike color

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Children are the hope of a family's continued development and the source of family laughter. The growth of children is also the focus of the whole family. Creating a beautiful living space for children is also the expectation of all parents. Today, Xiaobian will recommend a children's wardrobe for everyone, which will definitely make your eyes shine.

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Children are the treasures of parents' hearts. They are all in the process of growing up, taking care of every nerve in their parents. For example, the purchase of children's room furniture, not only must look cute and cute, the material should be environmentally friendly. Jess Rui's children's wardrobe has a lovely image and fresh and clean colors, which is very popular among children, especially boys.

Children's wardrobe

Jess Rui Children's Wardrobe is a "sex" wardrobe, pure white and dark blue match, plus the basketball cartoon pattern embellishment, simple and refreshing and powerful, is the best home for the cute boy bedroom Image partner.

Overall wardrobe

The Jessie children's wardrobe is a hatchback structure, and the narrower side is divided into four layers, which can be used to classify children's clothing. The wider side is divided into three structures. The middle compartment provides a wider hanging clothes rack, and the upper and lower layers can be stacked, but the lower layer is provided with a drawer for children's accessories, small clothes, and the like. The multi-zone setting completes the function of the wardrobe, so that the children's clothing can be completely stored in this playful and practical wardrobe.

Jess Rui simple children's wardrobe stereo basketball full of children's color

Jess Rui selects medium-density boards that meet environmental standards. The surface of the board is smooth and smooth, and it can be disassembled and assembled. It is the best sheet material for children's panel furniture. The paint for the plates is very particular. They are all made of lead-free, non-toxic and non-irritating paint. After many processes, they are exquisite.

This Jess Rui children's wardrobe is stained with white and dark blue respectively. This color matching is obviously a male baby. It looks simple and calm, and has a three-dimensional basketball pattern. It also has a touch of movement, and the built-in function is complete enough. Child's storage box.

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