Linx LV 2000 Inkjet Printer

Videojet introduced a Linx LV 2000 small character MICRO VALVE microvalve ink jet printer that represents the most advanced technology. The MICRO VALVE patented microvalve patented technology combines the technical advantages of conventional inkjet printers and dot matrix valve large-size jets to create this new inkjet printer that uses fast-drying ink, requires no solvent consumption, and is stable and reliable.

The Linx LV 2000 printer is a new product that is completely designed to meet the requirements of the customer. The printer starts up quickly and operates stably; the design of the sealed nozzle is very sturdy and simplifies maintenance procedures; the ink-only ink system can reduce the consumption of liquid consumables by up to 80%. Linx LV2000 is ideal for printing various logos on a variety of inner and outer packages such as plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, film and shrink film.

"Customers in the food, beverage, cosmetics, tubing and FMCG industries who are currently using embossing, thermal film or manual date marking systems have lower productivity. If they switch to the Linx LV 2000, they will greatly increase their efficiency. And reduce costs,” said Jon Pritchard, Product Manager for Videojet Technology. “The Linx LV 2000 is the lowest cost per unit in the industry.”

The inkjet-only ink system reduces the consumption of liquid consumables by up to 80%, simplifies inventory control and provides minimal dilution and volatilization.

The Linx LV2000, which uses the latest technology, eliminates the need for precision control devices such as ink charging in conventional printers, so the model's sealed jet is the most robust in its class. This nozzle also does not need to shut off the printer for maintenance, thus maximizing boot time.

The Linx LV 2000's display is colour touch-sensitive, allowing operators to control the machine and select information.

The system can print 2 lines of text without affecting the speed of production. The height can be from 2 mm to 30 mm (0.08-1.2 inches), and it has an IP54 degree of protection, allowing it to operate in demanding production environments.

Source: International Food Processing and Packaging

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