Modern and simple overall wardrobe workmanship necessary storage tools

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Simple wardrobe gives the impression that the appearance is simple, the function is single, can only meet the most basic storage needs. In fact, many simple wardrobes hide powerful functions inside. If you don't believe it, take a look at this modern whole. Wardrobe .

Simple wardrobe

Xiao Bian Comments: Modern and simple fashion style, based on the design of home functionality and fashion, create a pleasant visual space while practical, wardrobe as the main force of bedroom storage, with powerful collection functions, various Concealed cabinets and drawer storage are sufficient for storing all types of clothing. The romantic warm lavender condenses the bedroom in an elegant white, more warm, without too much mixed, exudes a strong sense of life.

Overall wardrobe

Xiao Bian Comments: The cabinet surface is smooth and angular, the simple and elegant shape reveals the elegance in the bones. The door is push-pull. The sliding rail is hidden and quiet at the bottom of the drawer. It is very durable. The cabinet is spacious and bright. The classification grid can satisfy the placement of a large number of bedding clothing. It is one of the main storage furniture of the bedroom. The storage function is powerful, and the two-section bottom rail is used for smooth and quiet use.

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