New technology can determine the letters the brain reads through brain resonance images

People often use functional magnetic resonance scanning to study brain cognition in ELISA kits. The usual practice is to let volunteers perform a special task to determine the active area of ​​the brain at this time. Scientists at the University of Nemegen took this research one step further: using scanned data to determine what the volunteers were watching.

The mathematical model uses a linear Gaussian framework for cognitive image reconstruction. The human ELISA kit experiment uses handwritten letters. Researchers constantly adapt the model so that it can associate a point from the brain scanner (3 × 2 × 2 × 2 mm pixels, a unit of image information that defines a point in 3D space) with a single display pixel, and then connect all By combining the information of the display pixels, the image seen by the volunteers can be reconstructed. But the result image is not clear, just a blurry speckle map.

"Since then, we have made improvements to the human ELISA kit, adding some prior knowledge to the model: 'tell' it what letters those patterns look like, greatly improving the recognition ability. The model will compare these letters to determine which can Corresponding to the speckle map most accurately, and then push these image results to the letter. "Research leader Marcel Van Goven said," We believe that the brain itself will combine previous a priori knowledge with sensory information, and our method and This is similar. For example, you can recognize the lines and curves in this article and recognize them as a certain word, provided you have learned it before. This is what we are looking for: a way to show the brain in a real way A model of what happened. We hope to improve the model to a certain extent and use it in working memory or subjective experiences, such as dreams or subjective experiences with visual images. "


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