Phased achievements of Russian nanotechnology development

In 2007, Russia set up a national special plan for "Russian Federation Nanoinfrastructure" from 2008 to 2011. As a national major special measure for the establishment of the Russian nanoindustry infrastructure and the first phase of nanotechnology research and development, the main purpose of the plan is to implement Establish a national nanotechnology network system, and encourage participating units to carry out nanotechnology research and development, product production, and personnel training in related technical fields within the nanotechnology network system.

Today, at the end of the special plan, Russia has completed the creation of the National Nanotechnology Network, established the Technology Network Council, and formed a national nanotechnology research and development core composed of research institutes and universities. During the implementation of the plan, the state invested a total of 5 billion rubles (about 170 million US dollars) in equipment procurement for R & D units participating in the establishment of the national nanotechnology network system. R & D units not only improved their own nanotechnology R & D capabilities, but also achieved 15 100 million rubles (approximately US $ 50 million) of nanotechnology products, and the implementation of this special plan has increased the attention of the whole society to nanotechnology, and has initially formed a nanotechnology social group. Young technology workers, including college students and graduate students, are actively involved in nanotechnology. The trend of technology research and development.

On the basis of this special plan, the Russian government is formulating a vision for the development of the Russian nano-industry by 2020, and will take measures to further improve the national nano-technology network system, establish industry and regional nano-technology product production centers, promote the industrial application of results, and expand The production of high-tech products strives to bring the output value of nanotechnology products to 900 billion rubles (about 30 billion US dollars) in 2015.

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