Product classification standard and working principle of ultra-clean workbench

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ultra-clean workbenches. It provides ultra-clean workbenches for medical and sanitary, pharmaceutical preparations, purification engineering and other fields and laboratories. For more information, please consult Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd.

Working principle The principle of the ultra-clean workbench is that in a specific space, the indoor air is pre-filtered by the pre-filter, pressed into the static pressure box by a small centrifugal fan, and then filtered by the air high-efficiency filter in two stages, and exits from the air high-efficiency filter The clean air flow blown by the wind surface has a certain and uniform cross-sectional wind speed, which can eliminate the original air in the work area and take away the dust particles and biological particles to form a sterile high-clean working environment.

Product classification is divided into air flow direction: vertical flow ultra-clean workbench and horizontal flow ultra-clean workbench; ultra-clean workbench is divided into the number of operators: divided into single workbench and double workbench; ultra-clean workbench from structure Top points: Divided into regular and new push-pull and self-circulation type (only vertical flow). The ultra-clean workbench is divided into a vertical-flow ultra-clean workbench and a horizontal-flow ultra-clean workbench according to the direction of the airflow. The vertical-flow workbench is noisy because the fan is on the top, but the vertical wind is often used in medical engineering to ensure human health The noise of the horizontal flow table is relatively small and the wind is outward, so it is used in the electronics industry and has little effect on health. According to the operation structure, it is divided into unilateral operation and bilateral operation. According to its use, it can be divided into ordinary ultra-clean workbench and biological (medicine) ultra-clean workbench.

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