Punching device in die cutting station

Title of Invention: Perforating device in die-cutting station Patent application number: 3228046.7
Abstract: The utility model relates to a die-cutting unit of a web flexographic printing machine. A punching device in a die-cutting station is provided with two-section front and rear guide rails on two shafts of the punching device. The punching wheel assemblies are respectively mounted on two axes of the upper cloth and can be moved along the two sections of the front and rear guide rails. In the position, the upper and lower two shafts are respectively equipped with a bearing assembly and a bearing seat at both ends, and are placed in a die-cut groove on a die-cut wallboard. The bearing seat and the die-cut wallboard are connected and positioned by a screw and a positioning pin. The outer shaft end of the root shaft is respectively equipped with upper and lower die gear sets, the lower die gear set meshes with the lower end gear, and the gear is driven by the gear box installed on the main drive shaft. The utility model extends the function of a die cutting station, improves the use efficiency of the die cutting unit, and expands the scope of use of the flexographic printer.

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