Shanghai Haozhuang tells you how to extend the life of aseptic homogenizer


The LNB brand sterile homogenizer produced by Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. makes the process of extracting bacteria from solid samples very simple, just add the sample and diluent to the sterile sample bag, Then put the sample bag into the tapping homogenizer to complete the sample processing. Effectively separate the homogeneous samples of microorganisms contained inside and on the surface of the solid sample, ensuring that all the samples are mixed in the sterile bag. The processed sample solution can be directly sampled and analyzed without risk of sample change and cross-contamination.

Application areas: microbiological analysis of food; homogenization of animal tissues, biological samples, cosmetics; meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits; microbiological analysis of drugs, etc.

Sterile homogenizer is our common homogenization instrument, its function is very powerful, but how to use it well is a problem worthy of research. Today Shanghai Haozhuang will accompany you to talk about how to operate the sterile homogenizer Is better, how can we extend the life of the sterile homogenizer?

Shanghai Haozhuang tells you how to extend the life of a sterile homogenizer. For details, please refer to the following:

1. Put the sample to be processed into a sterile homogeneous bag first

2. Open the homogenizer door and clamp the opening of the sterile bag when closing the homogenizer door.

3. Set utility programs (such as slap speed, slap time, etc.) to perform slap homogenization.

4. After the experiment, open the homogenizer door and take out the sample.

5. When the homogenizer is not in use, the power supply should be cut off.

The sterile homogenizer has a particularly obvious effect on the homogenization of animal tissues, and is particularly suitable for the detection and homogenization of microorganisms. After the homogenization is completed, there is no need to clean, and the homogenizer itself is processed, which is particularly convenient and healthy .

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