Shaped carton packaging oasis cheese

Oasis Cheese has recently adopted special-shaped carton packaging products. The cheese products have been made into a round shape of medals, and the exterior is wrapped with waterproof gas-resistant tin foil and beautifully printed labels. One of the exterior packaging uses a positive octagonal carton design, which is unique in shape and exquisite in design. This package contains four cheese products in each carton at the time of sale, and has an open skylight design on the outside of the carton so that customers can clearly see the gold packaged products inside. Another product launched by Oasis in the same period uses triangular paper holders, and each box contains three different flavors of cheese products. In addition to a good visual display, this triangular-shaped stable package can better protect the products placed on the shelves.

  • Softside spinner set - ideal for trips of any duration
  • Softside design can collapse a bit to fit more easily into tight spaces (compared to hardside)
  • Fabric lining for added protection from scratches and snags; interior organizer with 3 zippered pockets for conveniently storing smaller items
  • Expandable additional packing capacity; solid, strong zippers; telescoping handle for comfortable maneuvering; securely mounted short handle
  • 360-degree spinner wheels ensure smooth-rolling mobility in any direction

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