Sophia super storage function wardrobe black and white with simple style

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The storage function of the wardrobe directly affects the efficiency of everyone, especially the office workers. I believe that everyone has a big experience of getting up and down in the closet early in the morning. For the office workers who are nine to five, it is really one. Tossing things, today we recommend this Sophia wardrobe to solve your troubles.

Overall wardrobe

“How to make the best use of space” has always been a key point in the design of storage furniture, and the perfect use, easy access and clear classification can get a better user experience. Just like the Sophia Henna wearable wardrobe that we want to experience below, we can design it from the user experience to make better use of the space and make it easy for consumers to use.

Solid wood wardrobe

The design of the wardrobe is modern and minimalist, with black and white matching but the contrast is not strong. The color is soft and not hard, and it won't look awkward in the bedroom.

Sophia wardrobe

Sophia also carefully designed the partition according to the different needs of consumers of different genders. The left side is the men's area and the right side is the ladies' area. Since there are many accessories for girls under normal circumstances, the demand for drawers and small lattices that can be classified is relatively large, so the women's area on the right is designed as a multi-drawer and multi-partition area, which corresponds to this demand.

Sophia's wardrobe is not only beautiful in appearance, but also outstanding in its most basic storage function. Sound storage and simple style are enough to bring convenience and beauty to your home life.

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