The furniture industry has become popular with low-carbon wind green and environmentally friendly homes.

Currently, the world is entering a low carbon era. Governments are vigorously promoting the process of the low carbon era. In the face of increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the public has raised their awareness of environmental protection and health, hoping to promote low-carbon lifestyles through their own efforts. When a series of cutting-edge concepts such as “low-carbon economy” and “low-carbon life” gradually entered the eyes of ordinary people, the word “low-carbon” could not escape to become a concept and goal of life and work, with low With the advent of the carbon economy era, low-carbon furniture has also received increasing attention from people. A “low-carbon” wind is quietly scraping into the furniture industry.

The reporter saw in several furniture hypermarkets in Beijing that some furniture with low-carbon and environmental protection attracted many consumers, and the marketing staff also carefully explained the knowledge about low-carbon furniture. "The standard of living is now improved. Buying furniture is also more about quality and health. Choosing some low-carbon and environmentally-friendly furniture can be a contribution to environmental protection." A Mr. Mao who bought furniture told reporters. The staff of the store also said that with the approach of the May 1st holiday, low-carbon homes are expected to usher in a peak purchase.

For low-carbon furniture, there is currently no complete and detailed definition. “The so-called low-carbon furniture, the material of the furniture should be a kind of environmentally-friendly material that can be naturally degraded. It has the characteristics of not polluting the environment and recycling, meeting the needs of consumers for safety, health and energy saving. Using low-carbon furniture to save energy Loss, in order to achieve the goal of recycling low carbon life." Xiong Xiaokun, a light industry researcher at China Investment Consulting, said in an interview. However, low-carbon furniture has reached consensus in the industry, and the state also encourages furniture companies to research and develop low-carbon green and environmentally-friendly innovative products.

It is precisely because there is no uniform standard in the low-carbon furniture industry, there are many unscrupulous merchants promoting the sales with the name of “low carbon” and even raising the price, so that consumers can not distinguish whether the goods are truly green and low-carbon products. Therefore, consumers should be careful when purchasing low-carbon furniture, by looking at the color, smell, texture and other aspects of furniture materials. Relevant departments should also speed up the certification system for low-carbon furniture and regulate the operation process of low-carbon furniture. Xiong Xiaokun said: The industry should accelerate the improvement of certification services, and at the same time formulate detailed standards for the production and transportation of low-carbon furniture, and strictly supervise. Only when the supervision is in place, the certified trademarks are in line with the value, so that consumers can clearly understand the consumption.

The country is currently calling for low-carbon energy conservation in various fields. Therefore, some products are protected by national policies or can use state subsidies to upgrade product technology and upgrade equipment. Such products will not generate too much additional cost, and the price will be relatively more. Some people. Therefore, consumers should never feel that a product is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and its price is inevitably expensive. Consumers must pay attention to rational consumption when purchasing. It is necessary to find out where the value of the purchased product is, where it originates, and whether the use is true. Otherwise, it will pay an expensive price and buy back a “pseudo-low carbon”. Products, let the unscrupulous business succeed.

Low-carbon furniture is the product of people's awareness of environmental protection. Low-carbon products must run through the concept of environmental protection from production to transportation. If only the terminal is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it is only a matter of fact. At the same time, low-carbon furniture must be rich in design when using low-carbon materials to meet consumer demand for personalized products. Such a low-carbon furniture market demand is wider, and consumers can be attracted to enjoy low-carbon life, so that this "low-carbon" wind continues to blow down.

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