The principle and characteristics of three-dimensional printing

The principle of three-dimensional printing is to simulate the distance between two eyes of a person and shoot from different angles. The left and right pixels are recorded on the photosensitive material. When viewed, the left eye sees the left pixel and the right eye sees the right pixel. The printed matter produced according to this principle is called For three-dimensional printing.

Three-dimensional printing has the following characteristics:

(1) Can reproduce objects realistically, with a strong sense of three-dimensional. Product images are clear, rich levels, vivid image, profound artistic conception;

(2) The three-dimensional printing manuscript is often made of a design or scene shooting, and the printed matter is generally selected for high-quality coated paper and high-temperature ink printing, so the gloss is good, the color is bright, and it is not easy to fade;

(3) The surface of the printed product is covered with a concave and convex lenticular lens grating plate, and the three-dimensional effect of the panoramic picture can be directly viewed. From the perspective of people's stereoscopic vision of objects, the stereoscopic vision produced by objects is mainly based on human physiological factors, experience, and psychological factors. In fact, stereo vision is the stereoscopic information formed by the integration of the complex factors of appeal in the visual process. In terms of physiological factors, there are parallax (parallax in both eyes and parallax in monocular movement), convergence, and adjustment. Specifically, binocular parallax is a fundamental factor for people to obtain stereoscopic vision. In everyday life, when people observe objects, due to the perspective between the two eyes, the images of the objects seen by the left and right eyes will be different. Parallax, it gives people three-dimensionality.

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