The Role of Packaging in Guaranteeing the Distribution of Military Supplies

Military material distribution guarantee is the safeguard work of sending and receiving supplies of military materials and supplies by military forces at different safeguard delivery points. It is the terminal link of military material protection and the ultimate manifestation of the rapid guarantee of military materials. Its function and efficiency are effectively brought into play directly. Relations and constraints on the rapid support capabilities of military materials.

The motorization of military material distribution guarantees motorization by using military materials packaged in "standard packages" as the source and highly mobile support equipment as the carrier to establish "mobile" military material protection warehouses, changing the past to rely on military bases, field warehouses, and other supporting entities. The traditional approach, which is based on fixed-point "static" guarantees, enables the "dynamic" distribution of mobile guarantees, reduces the intermediate links of distribution guarantees, and satisfies the requirements of modern partial warfare for the dispatching of military materials for motorized distribution.

Using standard unitized packaging methods, a "standard package" of military materials was established to standardize the quantity of military materials, and the number of military materials requested, counted, and issued as a standard package or standard combination unit was used as a unit of calculation. The "computing method" creates conditions for the "piece-piece" type mobile distribution of military materials, speeds up the process of direct supply of military materials to the hands of combat users, and achieves direct protection of military materials.

The “piece-piece” type mobile distribution guarantee established using the standard unitized packaging method simplifies the process of military force distribution and military material procurement. In the battle, it only needs to indicate the number of “standard packages” required, and it is no longer necessary. As in the past, it was necessary to specify the quantity of military supplies and also the specific type of military supplies. At the same time, the “piece-piece” type mobile distribution guarantee can be used to decompose wartime military supplies for service, inventory, calculation, and other service work into the storage and security work or other preliminary preparations for peacetime military forces, so as to win time for military operations. Create fighter aircraft.

Therefore, we must vigorously strengthen all aspects of military packaging, concentrate on manpower, financial resources, and material resources to develop military packaging work, and attach great importance to the effective role of military packaging in the protection of military materials under the conditions of modern local warfare, and further tap the potential of military packaging. Efforts should be made to improve the level of standardization of military packaging, make economic and efficient efforts to ensure the security of military supplies, and meet the needs of military struggle.

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