The test accuracy has a great influence on the price of the high-temperature test chamber

The high and low temperature test chamber is suitable for high and low temperature reliability tests of industrial products. The price of each manufacturer is different, so how much should the environmental test chamber industry actually be?
There are many factors that affect the price of the high and low temperature test box, such as the size of the box, the test temperature of the box, and the accuracy requirements of the test. Which aspect plays the most important role in determining when we choose? We make a rough analysis of the impact of test accuracy on the price of the box.
Many people think that judging the cost performance of the high and low temperature test chamber is judged functionally, but environmental test equipment and environmental test equipment are mostly used for testing. The accuracy of the test data is closely related to the quality of the instrument. Therefore, the test accuracy and test results of the instrument Stability is the most important manifestation of instrument performance.
That is to say, the performance of an instrument does not depend on how many detection functions it has, but the detection accuracy and the stability of the detection results. Because we have to estimate some performance of samples and follow-up improvement process based on these measured data.
When the accuracy of the high and low temperature test chambers on the market is almost the same, we have to judge his service life. Because most products will wear a certain amount in the use of overweight. Aging and Other phenomena, and the wear and aging of the high and low temperature test chamber will directly affect the accuracy of the measurement.
For experimental users, inaccurate data is not just a problem of error, it will make the detection and experiment meaningless. For precision instruments such as high and low temperature test chambers, no longer accurate, it is declared that they have lost the significance of doing experiments.


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