The trend of “furniture” of cabinets is obvious that consumers are getting more added value.

When the consumer groups of cabinets gradually turned into 80s and 90s, the appearance of fashion and overall coordination gradually became the focus of attention of consumers and enterprises. Nowadays, as consumers pay more and more attention to the aesthetic effect of products, the trend of “furniture” of cabinets has become more and more obvious.

The trend of "furniture" of cabinet products is obvious

When it comes to furniture, people usually think of exquisite shapes and perfect matching. Because of this, consumers often lie between brands when they choose. Traditional cabinet products are often monotonous and lack new ideas, and consumers often have difficulty distinguishing them when they choose. However, as cabinet products play an increasingly important role in home decoration, the trend toward “furniture” is becoming more and more obvious.

The reporter saw in many cabinet brand stores, the style is unique, and the series of cabinets with different styles have become the main products of many brands.

A person in charge of the cabinet brand told the reporter: "Furniture cabinet products do not stay in the matching cabinets and other products, but through the design style effectively integrated with the entire furniture brand, and the current status of the cabinet market has become A trend in brand development."

“Furniture” is more about product diversification

According to the “furniture” trend of branded cabinet products, what kind of market form does the brand merchant interpret?

When interviewing the mainstream cabinet brands in Shencheng Home Market, the reporter found that each brand displayed its products through the layout of the integrated cabinet model room, which also gave consumers more intuitive feeling. According to the introduction of a brand cabinet marketing director, the cabinet products on the market have been diversified. No matter in product design or product function, many brands are striving to improve. This is also the brand's “furniture” for products. Market interpretation.

And because consumers consider the diversity of products when choosing cabinet products, many cabinet brands also design products to attract consumers more. The reporter saw that some cabinet products have worked hard on the styling, breaking the original impression of the original consumer, adopting a more artistic (art decoration rendering) shape design; and some brands are also typical in design. The elemental design features of this product are also recognized by consumers.

Consumers can get more added value

What is the market acceptance of consumers for more and more “furniture” cabinet products, and how do brands of cabinets have an attitude towards this trend?

Many consumers often use the uniform home decoration style in the decoration of cabinets when choosing cabinet products. Fang Dong decoration designer Li Dongze pointed out that at the time of decoration, consumers will combine cabinets and kitchen appliances organically and unify with other furniture. Mr. Guan Guan has a special liking for this kind of furniture cabinet products. “Before choosing cabinet products, except the cabinet is the countertop, it does not reflect the overall decoration effect of the kitchen (kitchen decoration renderings), but the furniture cabinet Products can be fully integrated into the entire home environment." Sales from some cabinet brands in this area also reflect the degree of consumer acceptance of this trend.

An industry insider believes that the current trend of furnitureization is relatively common in the entire cabinet industry. The new furniture products are constantly improving in terms of use functions, and the effects created by such products can bring more added value to consumers, which is also valued by consumers.

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