Toy and gift industry to enhance the competitiveness of core products

Toy and gift industry to enhance the competitiveness of core products

Toy and gift industry to enhance the competitiveness of core products

It is understood that in the export of toys, for the domestic toy gift production and export enterprises, some small and medium-sized enterprises have been eliminated (the toy market in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has blocked the low-level toy products produced by this part of the enterprise) And other parts of the toy companies with larger scales have to do everything they can to upgrade their own brands and break through the high value-added road from “selling toys” to “selling creative selling culture”. It should be said that China's domestic toy and gift manufacturing enterprises really take the development route of independent brand innovation to break through their own value, and people will benefit from it in the foreseeable future.

Last year, China's domestic toy and gift manufacturing industry chose a transformation and upgrading route under the negative impact of the domestic and international economy. After developed and implemented strict toy safety standards in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, domestic toy manufacturers gave up. A large part of the OEM processing business turned to the breakthrough of independent innovation brands and the enhancement of cultural and creative values. The purpose is quite simple. In addition to maintaining the overseas toy market share, it is necessary to develop the domestic domestic toy market. In this process, opportunities and challenges coexist.

Recently, some people in the industry have vividly praised that our toy companies are now polarizing. On the one hand, SMEs can not afford to quit, and on the other hand, well-known companies are seeking more diversified development routes. Cooperating with different industries, such as exploring emerging markets, is obvious to everyone at this stage.

"In the past, it was just selling toys. When you take the order, you can do it according to what people want. Now it is totally impossible. We are not selling toys, but promoting our traditional culture. This time, in addition to quality and safety. In addition, the focus is on cultural creativity and technological innovation.” In the interview, the industry said that in the toy exhibitions sponsored by developed countries such as Europe and the United States, we can often see the shadow of traditional Chinese toys and gifts. However, these traditional toys have incorporated a lot of cultural elements of innovative elements, and these toys have been welcomed and loved by overseas toy consumers, which shows us the value of this value.

In the past few years of market development, some domestic toy and gift brands have started their brands overseas. When it comes to exploring the domestic domestic market and emerging markets, this part of domestic toy brands will also focus on these. Facts have proved that regardless of the integration of upstream and downstream enterprises, or the close integration of the industrial chain, it indicates the improvement of the core competitiveness of the market.

With the improvement of people's quality of life, consumers are no longer just cheaper. People think more about the following aspects. First, quality and safety are not guaranteed. Second, fake and inferior objects are less and less viable. Space, the last one is that people's lifestyles are constantly changing.

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