Viewing hot spots: printing and packaging projects must not rush

After reading this almost ridiculous topic, is it a bit weird feeling, this "old bag" is the packaging and printing project I want to talk about today. This uncle Bao is "great fortune", but when people are eager to hold it "Buddha feet", will it suddenly turn upside down and deny it? Printing companies must have this ideological preparation to prevent excessive speculation on a certain packaging and printing project.

Don't rush to follow the wind
The Chinese have a problem and like to join in the fun and follow the trend. I heard that there is a good project, I will ignore the subjective and objective conditions, and I do n’t even understand what is going on.
With the rapid development of social economy, the market's demand for commodity packaging is increasing, and its huge development space provides packaging and printing companies with rare development opportunities. At this time, it is indeed a wise move to go to packaging and printing projects. But packaging and printing companies that have already been launched may not be all right. The situation of market competition has already been opened. If printing companies rush into the market without market research, it will inevitably lead to overcapacity like the book printing projects that followed suit. There is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​corporate self-help, but you must be cautious in the selection of projects, and you must not be too hasty.
Don't fight vicious competition for price war
A period of time has market characteristics, and it is easy to have vicious competition around this "theme". We require books and periodicals printing companies to put social benefits first, as should packaging and printing companies, otherwise industry norms, industry interests, and professional ethics will be destroyed. In the face of market competition, packaging and printing companies must maintain a good attitude and act cautiously, and must not provoke a price war for the benefit of an enterprise and do behaviors that harm others.
Don't choose the wrong item
Packaging and printing is a systematic project and contains many items. When printing companies choose projects, they must not blindly go to projects. They must be repeatedly certified and carefully considered, ranging from market prospects to small process technologies. There is a book printing company in Nanchang. Faced with the increasingly sluggish book printing, it resolutely introduced box paper printing and post-processing equipment to transform carton packaging printing. However, due to the lack of market research, the introduction of equipment is not right, the source of carton business is not smooth, plus the price of raw materials, the processing cost is too high, which makes the company stop and stop, and the loss is serious.
Although this is a case, it reminds us to be cautious in investing and to use our brains in choosing projects. Once the wrong project is selected, it will affect the survival and development of the enterprise, and pay expensive tuition for this.
Clear enterprise market positioning
Enterprises participating in market competition must establish their position in the market, otherwise they will lose themselves and disappear. To gain a place in the market, enterprises must concentrate their intelligence and energy on the market, and work hard in the market with real skills and real skills.
Everything in the world is constantly changing, and the market will not stay at a level forever. Packaging entering the new era has been given new connotations. Existing packaging and printing projects must be innovative, and process technology innovation, product variety innovation and process process innovation should be carried out according to market orientation. If they can't keep up with the market situation, "old bag" companies will also go downhill. Especially now, the state regards the promotion of green printing as the main direction of attack. Packaging and printing companies should make a difference and act as soon as possible to seize market opportunities. The packaging and printing of food and medicine are related to the safety of people's lives. Enterprises must adhere to the concept of people-oriented, enter the role as soon as possible, and do not disgrace the mission given by the society.
The value orientation of an enterprise determines its dominant position in the market. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, it is worth noting the increase in the number of packaging and printing enterprises, but the improvement of packaging quality. We must focus on the construction of the enterprise's format and comprehensively improve the overall level of the packaging and printing industry. Of course, the appearance of potential packaging and printing companies is not ruled out, but the social demand should be taken as the basis to prevent the unlimited expansion of packaging. We cannot ignore the blindness of some enterprises, such as repeated construction, resulting in overcapacity and waste of resources. Everything must be protected against unburning.
For companies to be stable in the market, they also need to implement a brand strategy. Create an enterprise brand, focus on branded products, and rely on brands to enter the market. For brands that are already well-known, spare no effort to protect and carry forward. Popular Pingxiang tea packaging and printing brands in Ganpo, Jingdezhen porcelain packaging and printing brands, Shanggao, Fengxin food, pharmaceutical packaging and printing brands, Gannan fruit packaging and printing brands, Nanchang cigarette packaging and printing brands, Jiujiang electronic packaging and printing brands Are established through market practice in various places and have formed their own characteristics. Only by occupying the market with a brand can the enterprise last forever.

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