Wells 靓 Home Leads Aldehyde-Free Summer

Wells 靓 home aldehyde-free home declaration

No aldehyde Shenghui invites you to walk

Wells leads the aldehyde-free summer, creating a zero formaldehyde fresh air

With the prosperity and development of the economy, the material and spiritual life is constantly improving, people's requirements for working conditions and living environment are getting higher and higher, and furniture is paying more and more attention. Therefore, furniture with exquisite design, individuality, elegant shape, pleasant color and high quality is very popular among consumers. In our survey, 70% of young consumers like to choose the whole house custom furniture, tailor the furniture according to their own requirements and preferences, and truly realize the concept of personalized home.

Wells 靓 Home Leads Aldehyde-Free Summer

On May 19th, 2013, from 2pm to 5pm, in the Shenzhen Hall of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, a large-scale signing ceremony was held in the “No Alcohol-Free Event”. The guests attending the event on the same day were senior leaders of the companies such as Wells, 靓 Home, and Wanhua Group. The customers of 14 stores arrived at the event from all over Guangzhou to attend the signing ceremony. The success of the event has achieved impressive results. Weiss people said: It is the love of the vast number of consumers for environmental protection and zero-formaldehyde home, Wei Si was only appreciated by everyone. We sincerely thank all the new and old customers for their support of Weil's zero-formaldehyde wardrobe. In order to thank all consumers for their love, we will continue to work hard to make environmentally friendly products better, and strive to make every family aldehyde-free. Reassuring life at home.

Weiss cares for the whole family with care for the four major groups.

Formaldehyde is a colorless, intensely stimulating gas that has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. Wilth used the zero-formaldehyde fragrant board of Wanhua Group for the four major groups. Good pregnancy. There are children in the family. Couples of childbearing age. The family has the elderly are the family that Wells cares. The reporter interviewed the marketing director of Wells. He sincerely and sincerely said: The future of the child is concerned with the health of the elderly. We are caring for the health of the elderly. The smooth and healthy arrival of the baby is always caring, the newly married family of the childbearing couple. Always concerned.

Wells escorts your health

Wells 靓 Home Leads Aldehyde-Free Summer

On the day of the event, the reporter interviewed a grandfather about 60 years old. The grandfather said that his grandson is getting ready to get married in the second half of this year. The house decoration is almost done. Grandchildren and grandmothers don’t have time to look at the furniture, so they help. reference. He listened to Wells's shopping guide and said that this is a zero-formaldehyde fragrant board. At first, there was still some doubt and doubt. Later, after going home and talking to his son, he let his son know about the fragrant board on the Internet. It is indeed a zero-formaldehyde environmental protection. The plate is made of plant straw and MDI glue that won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress. This MDI glue can be used for artificial blood vessels and aerospace materials as well as refrigerator liners. The scent of the scent of the boiled fragrant scented plate on the spot and the aroma of the tea made the uncle surprise. I saw the boiled fragrant board with my own eyes, and took out the fragrant board that had been boiled for 5 minutes without any deformation. The moisture-proof effect also made the uncle marvel. Grandpa told us that using MDI glue made him feel more secure. You can stay in the house immediately after choosing the fragrant board, so that you will not delay the wedding of his grandson. When Grandpa said that the grandson was going to get married, he immediately knew that he was not close. As he said, he took the lottery with his order and showed it to the reporter. He said that he hopes to get the 1p air conditioner that enters the big prize, so that the family will save the money to buy an air conditioner. The reporter was deeply touched by the heart that the uncle always thought of for his grandson. Just like Wells, everything is impressed by the health of the family.

Furniture. Life is to do whatever you want.

According to an interview with the reporter, Weiss is a company that can be customized for the whole house. The wardrobe is their main advantage. Home shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, beds, decorative cabinets, bookcases, cloakrooms and shelves can all be customized. Like some customers are busy with work, there is no time to run the home market to select the owner of the furniture; the room has beams and pillars, hope to scientifically use the space, improve the overall function and beauty of the home owners; small space, can make full use of space, enhance the home The owner of the overall storage function; the proportion of custom furniture that has no concept of space planning and color matching is very large. Therefore, custom furniture is increasingly favored by consumers after the 80s.

Enjoy the house at home and relax

A couple of 80-year-old couples caught our attention at the order. They said that in general, except for the weekend of work, they basically rested at home, and both husband and wife were the gods in the eyes of their parents. Therefore, special attention is paid to formaldehyde in the home. They jointly said that they will look forward to the arrival of new members of the family when they are handed over to the house. At that time, they must give their children the best and most comfortable living environment. The release period of formaldehyde can be 8 to 15 years. This time period is really too long, so it is very cost-effective to buy a healthy product for 15 years of peace of mind.

Professional achievement quality, quality cast Philippine

Wells 靓 Home Leads Aldehyde-Free Summer

Professional achievement quality, quality cast Philippine. The brand of Weiss, the brand of Philippine Home Furnishing, is declared to the public with professionalism and quality. Each of our customers, every measure, every design, every time the complex size and constantly improve our design to every production to every household to install, we are doing professional and quality four word. We wholeheartedly create a safe and healthy home for the vast number of consumers. This is what we Weir people have worked hard together and have been doing. The reporter is impressed by this kind of responsibility to consumers for the high level of society. I believe that the road of Wisdom will become wider and wider in the future. The popularity and reputation of the products and the purpose of Wilth will be appreciated by more and more consumers.

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